February 12, 2015


I know lots of you guys are obsessed with korean cosmetics! So today I wanted to share with you webshops that provide korean cosmetics :) I've summed up a list of online stores for you girls, who want to discover some other shops. In the past I've purchased from many different online webshops. Most of them provide free shipping while mark-up their prices and others provide shipping costs based on the amount of products you are going to buy or weight/location. I personally prefer shops that provide free shipping, because  I won't have to worry about extra costs at the checkout. There are stores where you have to pay a large amount for shipping costs, which I'm not a fan of. What I like to do is compare the product that caught my interest in different shops and see which shop offers the cheapest price. The greatest thing about korean sellers is that they provide samples with every order! Always comes in handy right? ;P Hope you guys find this list helpful to expand your makeup collection and don't forget to keep an eye on your wallet ;) 

January 18, 2015


This post has been delayed way long enough. These ootd pictures were taken last month, but I wanted to show this outfit to you after I shared my haul with you guys :P Because it included a piece which I've been very loving lately. So today I'm finally sharing it you guys :) As you guys might know in my previous post, I purchased my very first designer clothing, which is this beautiful belted blouse from 2 love by Tony Cohen. I was very excited to style this stunning piece! :D I decided to go for a casual feel, yet stylish look. So I paired it with a camel coat to keep me warm, dark blue pants, ankle boots to keep my feet from freezing and a designer hand bag for all my belongings. What do you guys think of designer clothing?

January 11, 2015


It's been a while since I posted my last haul, so today I have another clothing haul for you guys :) These are items I got, the last few months. A girl can never have enough clothes right? ;P I'm lucky, that some pieces were gifted to me by my parents for my birthday and christmas :) Now, let me show you items from the last few months ;)

January 3, 2015


Happy new year my lovely readers! 2014 has come to and end and 2015 had just begun. Hope you all had an amazing year. I had a great year with pleasant memories. I would like to wish you guys a wonderfull year with lots of luck, love  and happiness <3 May you succeed in your goals, stay healthy and make new memories :) Hope this year will be even better then last year!
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