by - Monday, November 19, 2012

On Saturday 17 November I went for a day shopping in Antwerpen (Belgium).

I had a really nice day! It's such a nice city.
For the first time I visited Forever 21. The shop looks really lovely and especially the juwelry department =)
I bought some nice jewelry that was also on sale! (lucky my) I've never visited Forever 21 before. Unfortunately they don't have a Forever 21 in the Netherlands =S If you ever go to Belgium, make sure to visit Antwerpen. Here are some pictures I took:




1. Golden flower vintage necklace for €2.99
2. Flower ring with rhinestones for €1.80
3. Star ring with rhinestones for €1.99
4. Golden colored necklace with pearls for €3.99
All from Forever 21

Thank you for reading! 

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