by - Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas has come to an end. Unfortunately, it went by so fast. I hope you've got a wonderfull christmas with lots of love! I had a lovely christmas. On Christmas Eve I had a delicious dinner at home with my family. I have eaten a lot these days, especially lots of crab. I can't help it, because it's so yummie! =) 

After having dinner we opened christmas presents. 
I got some lovely presents from my family. 

First of all I got this watch from my dad. The watch Pulsar. I love it! =) Simple but chic watch.  

Next I got another watch from my little brother. The watch is from Jetset. I'm totally in love with the mint color of the watch. This watch matches with my mint striped sweater which I bought a few weeks ago. 

Last I got this beige blazer from my mom. The blazer is from Shoeby. This blazer is really thin, which is also nice to wear in the spring.

On 1st Christmas Day I went out for dinner at a wok restaurant called 'Mallejan'. My dad turned 50 =) So, we had to celebrate it with the whole family. The restaurant had delicious spicy crabbies! I could not resist it. I've eaten a lot of crab again. I think I will put on weight after new year. 

This was my nail look for Christmas. I used gold and white crack nail polish with a sparkle coloured confetti on top. 

I had a lovely Christmas this year  Next week we pop in the new year!  

How was your christmas this year?

Thank you for reading! 

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