by - Saturday, January 05, 2013

A new year has begon! I hope you all had a wonderful year and happy holidays.
Wish you all a healthy, happy, succesful New Year with lots of fun and love! ♥ Make it a memorable year with good memories!
I had a nice holiday with lots of fun. I'd spent the whole holidays with my lovely family. How was your New Year?
Last week I went shopping with my mom. The winter sale has finally started! And that means shop till you drop! It was really crowded in the city. I couldn't even move in some stores. But it was worth it! I only bought a few items. The items are showed below.

First of all I got this army print dress with spikes. The dress is from River Island. It was on sale for only €18! I just ♥ this dress. I bought it for summer. So I still have to wait until summer to wear it. The dress looks romantic, but the spikes and army print make the dress a little bit edgy.

Next I bought this blue parka jacket with leather sleeves and a few studs on it. The jacket is from WE. I also ♥ this one! I've been looking for a parka jacket for a few months. This was on sale for only €20. So I couldn't let it hang there in store. It's one size bigger then my usual size, but it fits my. I'm really happy with this one. These parka jackets normally cost around €50.

As third I got this sweet candy-colored sweater. It's from C&A. They have such lovely sweaters. I think this is is super cute! Because of the colors. This sweater was also on sale for only €12,50. 

Last I got those AWESOME studded ankle boots. They are from Bershka. I really love those shoes. They fit really well. I'v been looking for those shoes for ages. Finally I got me one! Those shoes were also on sale for €30.

Thank you for reading! 

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  1. hi!! I like your sweater!! :)

  2. Girl!! I love your boots!!!! :| im so jealeous!

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    thanks! :*