by - Sunday, January 27, 2013

Hello my lovely readers 

I'm back with a new post =)
I have been sick last week. I'm still coughing a little bit.
But I feel so much better right now! The weather has turned really cold these weeks in the Netherlands. I'm trying to put on thick clothes, so I won't turn sick again =) If you get sick this Winter (hopefully not), I recommend you to drink cooked water with honey and lemon juice. It really helps, especially when your throat hurts ;)
Winter sale has gone up to 50-70%! Yesterday I went shopping with my bestfriend again. This time most items were on sale for 50 till 70%! I've bought such nice items, which I want to share with you. 

First of all I got these nailpolishes from L'oreal Paris. The colors are so cute. I think they are really great for summer.
I got the colors 306.Peach, 102.Noisette and 602.Jade. I adore these colors and especially the jade color. I got the 3 nailpolishes for only €10 instead of €18. 

Next I got this polka dot mint dress from Zara. My lovely mom bought me this one. It's a girly dress with a Peter Pan collar. I would wear this dress in Summer. The dress was on sale for €9,95.

As third I got this blue chiffon blouse from Sting. The brand is called DiLoren. I love this blouse, it fits really well! What I also like is the collar of the blouse. The blouse was on sale for only €15.

Fourth I got this white shirt with lace detail and golden studs. The shirt is from Pull&Bear. The shirt looks really cute and I think it would look great in Summer if I pair it with denim shorts! I really like the lace detail and the studs. I got this shirt for only €3.99 (so cheap!)

Last I got this GORGEOUS beige bag from Accessorize. I love this purchase the most from all the items I bought. It was on sale for only €18 instead of €60. I finally got a bag for school. Most of schooldays I have to carry my laptop with me. The laptop fits perfect in this bag. I'm sooo HAPPY with this purchase!  

Thank you for reading and have a nice day! 

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14 reacties

  1. That blue chiffon blouse is so lovely! It seems like such a versatile piece that could be paired with skirts or trousers! Also loving the nail polish colours (loving pastels for spring) and the purse! Great finds! xo

  2. Love the nail varnishes and the dress! Great items! <3<3

  3. yeyyy to the zara dress !!! i have the same exact one and i got it on sale!! love love love!!
    visit my blog too :)

    xo camille

  4. Leuke aankopen! Ik vind de nagellak kleurtjes heel mooi :D

    X Jenny

  5. Great bag!!! I love all the stuff you got! (:


  6. I am most definitely a fan of big bags. For some reason, I can never narrow down the things I need on a daily basis so I would carry around a big bag and stuff everything inside. LOL. I love your nail polish purchases as well! I'm into soft colors for my nails :)

    xx Megann / STYLE SURGERY

  7. they're all gorgeouss <3<3
    anyway feel free to visit my blog dear

  8. You got some amazing items and good deals! I love the color of all the polishes you got!! I never tried L'oreal Paris's polish, but the colors are beautiful!

  9. I love your pieces! I'm waiting for spring to come soon.

    xo Jo

  10. love the look!

    Feel free to check out my blog giveaway :)

  11. New follower!! i loVE THE bag it reminds me of a celine bag for some reason and i especially love the price!

    Issie xox

  12. I'm in love with that nail polish set!! Such sweet pastel shades, really great colors together too!