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Hello my sweeties <3 

Last week, I was on vacation with my best friend in London for a few days. As you could read from my last post, it was my first time visiting London. London is definitely a must see!  The city is huge and there are many beautiful things to visit.  The weather was very nice, the temperatures were about 17 degrees. The sun was shining bright everyday.
It was a great trip and I have seen many different sights from London. I had such a great time there and hopefully I will visit it again. 

On the first day I went on a bustour around the city. I have seen many things, like the Tower Bridge, The Shard, Piccadilly Circus, The Royal Court of Justice and National Gallery Museum. Underneath you will see the pictures I took during day 1. 

The bus I was touring with. The bus driver was a very friendly man.

The hotel Jury's Inn in Wattford where I stayed for 4 days. 

The Piccadily Circus.

The Royal Court of Justice building.

The beautiful St Paul's Cathedral.

The National Gallery Museum.

The Tower Bridge.

A lovely and expensive macaron shop I saw during the bustour.

Udon soup I had for dinner at Japan Centre. It was delicious! Never had a udon soup with this great taste before =) 

Thank you for reading and enjoy your lovely week!  
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  1. London is my favourite city in Europe! Great pics.


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    1. thank you Levi, Hope you will have a great time in London! ;)

  3. ya are so cute! Shall we follow let me know xse

  4. what great pictures! you got to visit some awesome places!