by - Wednesday, May 15, 2013

On the last day in London I went to Harrods and M&M's World. Harrods is one of the most popular department stores in Europe. It's located in Knightsbridge and it has 90.000m2 selling space, which makes it the biggest department store in Europa. The department store is the most beautiful warehouse I have ever seen. Definitely a must see when you are in London. Don't forget to visit when you are in London! Unfortunately the items in the store are so expensive. It's because Harrods offers a lot of expensive brands. 

Harrods department store.

The sweets department. The ceiling looks lovely.

Beautiful flowers! Probably very pricey. 

Oh my, I'm getting hungry by just looking at it :) 

These sweets are decorated in a very special way. They look to pretty to eat. 

Dresses by Ralph Lauren. 

Accesoires by Escada. I love the shoes and bag 

I want this huge Hello Kitty so badly! Hello Kitty is soo cute, can't resist it. Immediately fell in love with it when I saw it.

Welcome to M&M's world!

Say 'hi' to Princess M&M.

So much m&m's! So much choice to choose from. I'm lovin it!

A look into the m&m's shop.

At the end of the day I had a lovely dinner at a korean restaurant. The kimchi tasted so good! Love korean food :)

Thank you for reading and enjoy your week! 

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14 reacties

  1. That necklace you are wearing is beautiful and haha, I am hungry from your pictures!!! I agree with you that the ceiling is amazing! I have been to a place where the floors were designed like the ceilings you showed. It was so cool!!

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    1. thank you Mindy <3 That's nicee, I think it would look amazing!

  2. The interior of the place is so pretty! Btw, love your necklace and the handbag, you look chic! xx

    many kisses
    ♡ Jaslin from

  3. your necklace is gorgeous! x

  4. This makes me wanna go to LDN so bad :D

    1. It's worth to travel to London! You would love it :)

  5. lovely pics, dear! xoxo
    love, Yulia

  6. aah everything looks so pretty!

    from helen at thelovecatsinc

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