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On the 2nd day in Paris I sailed with a boat on The Seine along the many sights of Paris. I have seen Le Louvre, Paris-Orleans, Parisian bridge and love lockers.
At night I went to the Eiffel tower. It's is absolute gorgeous! It's prettier at night than daytime, whith the lights on. I haven't been on the Eiffel tower since I was a little girl. This time I went on the 2nd floor of the Eiffel tower. The view from above is wonderful! I was doubting if I should go on the top of  the Eiffel tower. But since it was a little bit cold that day, I decided not to go. I will definitely visit the top when I'm going to Paris next time. Have you ever been on the top of the Eiffeltower?  Now, let's move on to the pictures :)

Zoom-in shot from Paris-Orleans. Such a beautiful building!

View at Le Louvre. The ferris wheel reminded me of London. 

The famous Le Louvre museum. It's absolute stunning!

Some statues in palais du pouvoir. The palace looks so beautiful from the inside. Unfortunately you can't visit it inside. Everything looks so historical and romantic. 

I finally got to see the love lockers on one of the bridges over the Seine.  I've always wanted to see those lockers. It looks so cute. The bridge is fulled with love all over the world. I would love to lock a locker  myself, once in my life hihi.. (dreaming mode). 

Zoom-in shot of Pont Alexandre III. This bridge is magnificent! It's one of the most beautiful bridges I've ever seen. I think this bridge has cost a lot of hard work to build it. 

My lunch for that day. This lasagne was really nice. One of the best lasagnes I ever tried. Even the salad tasted good :)

My diner for that evening. Some yum Chinese food. I have to say, this food was excellent! Everything tasted delightful. The seaweed soup was my favorite ^^

A view from the 2nd floor on the Eiffel tower. My gosh, it looks wonderful <3 

Sparkly Eiffel tower at night. Isn't is pretty? It looks much better at night when there is a light show.  

 Thank you for reading and have a nice day! 

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  1. beautiful places, beautiful photos! xx

  2. Beautiful places ! Hope someday I can go there !

    Chic Swank

    1. It is indeed beautiful! I hope so for you :)

  3. i want to go to paris too! it looks lovely.

    from Brigitte // BlogLovin' | BreezeyBee Blog


    1. you should go if you have a chance :)

  4. Wow it looks pretty! I have never been to Paris before but people always say it's the city of love. It must be such a romantic place!

    many kisses
    ♡ Jaslin from

    1. I totally agree with you! it is a romantic city :)

  5. It looks beautiful! I've never been to Paris, I wish to go.

    Keep in touch! XOXO

    TWITTER: @sixthtractate
    INSTAGRAM: @heartofplastic

  6. I love Paris! It such a romantic and nice city :D I went there when I was really little so I don't remember much but I wish to visit it someday again ^-^* It's such a shame you couldn't go inside the palais du pouvoir I bet it looks even more historical and nice inside :c It's so nice on the Eiffel tower at night with the lights~ Reminds me of all those romantic films haha XD
    You're so lucky to go there! I really want to have a love locker someday on that bridge too haha :3
    Btw, I love the orange envelope bag you're wearing in your outfit when visiting Paris :)


  7. wow!! it's amazing too see your pictures of this city!! I always see the ones online so it's cool to see a "real" persons. You take some really nice pictures and the Effie tower is stunning

    I want to go to paris one day!! You are so lucky!

  8. Nice blog! lovely look!
    Following you hun<3
    Keep in touch!

  9. Awesome photos, I can't wait to visit Paris, hopefully one day soon! Le Louvre looks so amazing!