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Hello my lovely readers! First of all I want to wish all my asian readers a ~*Happy chinese new year!*~ It's a little bit late though :$ Today I have another haul from Candysan for you. I think I've got another addiction besides bubble tea hihi ^^ Japanese candy just taste soooo good <3 especially green tea chocolate. This time I paid around $20 for the whole package inclusive shipping costs. Let's get into the haul! Hope I won't make you guys feel too hungry hihi :3

The first product I got is the 'Alfort green tea biscuits'. I've heard so many positive reactions from other bloggers, so I decided to give it a try. The biscuits were so tiny, they looked really cute :) It might sound weird, but I actually didn't really like them. I think it tasted kinda weird :$ It's probably just me, because my little brother loved them haha.. The package cost $1,27, which is around €0,93. 

The second item I got is the 'cacao lait green tea chocolate' by Glico. This is the second time I've purchased it and I still love it <3 It's green tea chocolate mixed with milk chocolate. The taste is sweet and bitter at the same time. When you try it at first, it would taste a little bit strange, but after a while you will get used to it. The box comes with 10 individualy wrapped pieces. This was only $1,82, which is around €1,36. I would sure purchase this again :)

Finally I got to try the famous Kit kat mini green tea, where everyone's talking about. This was the most delicious candy of my whole order. Can't describe how good this taste. It taste just right, the green tea flavour is not to overwhelming and not to sweet. I can eat this all day hihi ^^ This comes in a package of 3 minis. I would love to get the package with 12 minis, but unfortunately Candysan doesn't have them. The Kit kat cost $2,06, which is around €1,51. This is a must-try! 

And another Kit kat package. This is the Kit kat mini sakura green tea. It also comes in a package of 3 minis. I was really looking forward to try this one. I liked the flavour, although it didn't really tasted like blossoms and green tea, but speculaas hahaa. Don't know if you know what that is. But speculaas is a spiced shortcrust biscuit, that's originally from the Netherlands. The taste of this Kit kat is special, but I like the green tea Kit kat much more :) This Kit kat also cost $2,06.

The next item I got is the 'kyo-matcha chocolate' from Meiji. This product contains individually wrapped  green tea chocolate squares. These squares had a strong green tea flavour and it tasted pretty good :) Just love the green tea flavour, but I love the green tea chocolate fron Glico more. This cost $2,74, which is around €2. 

Besides chocolate, I also got some gummies. Last time I tried the 'pureral hokkaido soft gummies' with strawberry and lemon flavour, but this time I tried another one. Since I liked it so much. I think it's melon and blueberry flavour. They taste yam and they're quite addictive, so watch out :p This package cost $1,23, which is around €0,90. 

The last item I purchased is the 'gumichoco' by Meiji. It contains soft gummy, coated with chocolate. The flavours are grape, cola and strawberry. I have to say, that I was suprised trying this one. Because I tried some similar gummies when I was younger. I really liked them, but I could'nt find them anymore. Now, I got to try them again :)  These gummies tasted delicious! I think I will purchase them again :) The brand Meiji has great products, they're all worth to try. This package cost $1,23, which is around €0,90.

Overall, I really enjoyed (almost) all the products in this order.I have already ordered my third package from Candysan hahaa ^^ Can't get enough of it! They ship so fast, I get my order within one week :) Visit Candysan if you're interested in these products ;)

Thank you for reading and  have a great sunday! 

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