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Valentine's Day is almost around the corner sweeties! That means presents, dates and getting ready for that special day. I have gathered some of my favorite Valentine videos, which might help you get inspiration :) Whether you're spending the day with your love or friends. If you don't have someone special to celebrate it, than spend the day with your friends. Valentine's day isn't only for couples right? ;) Hope you like it!

Makeup tutorial

This makeup tutorial by Bubzbeauty is so elegant and romantic. Perfect for a date with your Valentine or a day out with your friends. The bright pink lips makes it look extra girly :)
Nail art tutorial

In this video, xoJahtna will show you 3 different cute nail art designs, which are easy to create. The designs are great to wear on Valentine's day. They're girly, cute and easy. I love the second one most! 
Fashion lookbooks

Clothesencounters, From Head To Toe and SecretLifeOfaBioNerd share some outfits you could wear on Valentine's day. It's a lookbook in the form of a video. I'm loving the looks in the videos, especially the looks from Clothesencounters. She's my absolute favorite fashion youtuber! Instead of choosing pink, red and romantic items, she decided to go for casual items with a hint of edginess. She totally rocks them!
From Head To Toe and SecretLifeOfaBioNerd chose to go for more girly and elegant looks, which brings out your feminity.
DIY gift tutorial

This is a video where Anneorshine explains how to make adorable sundae candles. I just love the way it looks and I might try to make them this year. Hope I can find all the things that will be needed (a) These candles are great to give to one of year best friends!
Dessert recipe tutorials

The last to videos are cooking tutorials. Seonkyoung Longest and kawaiisweetworld teaches you how to make chocolate truffles and cake pops. The recipes look quite simple to make and the results are to die for! Great present if you have more than one Valentine ;)
Thank you for reading and  have a happy Valentine's day! 

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