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Last Thursday I went to the Hague to eat at the Japanese restaurant called 'SET'. I decided to take a break at their cafe first. It was the most adorable cafe I've ever been too. The interior was divided in two parts. An interior with a bright and fresh home decor and a hello kitty decor. This cafe is a coffee shop, which you would probably see a lot in Korea and Japan, but not in the Netherlands. That's why this cafe attracted me. I enjoyed the dinner and dessert a lot. Now, let me guide you through a short diary with pictures.

I decided to take place at the interior with the hello kitty decor, because I've been loving hello kitty since I was a little girl <3 Look at those cute little hello kitty figurines!  

The cafe sold all kinds of cheesecakes with unique flavours. I bought a redbean/greentea and a hazelnut cheesecake to take home and oh my those tasted good! I loved the greentea/redbean cheesecake the most :D The taste is so different from a regular cheesecake, but still very good. It's worth to try out. One cheesecake costed €2,50.  

 In the cafe I decided to try the melon ice cupcake. I seriously never tried and seen an ice cupcake before. I was really excited to try this! I quite liked it, but it wasn't really that special. The icing was made of whipped cream. I thought it was made of real ice cream xD 

This is the view you see when first walking into the shop. Isn't it cute?

The hello kitty corner with pink wallpaper, white tables, white chairs, pink cushions and cute decorations. 

The bright and fresh corner with wooden furniture,  green cushions and decorations. 


This was my view on the left side in the SET restaurant. The interior was decorated in Japanese style, such as blossoms and decorations. It gave me a really cozy feeling.  

This restaurant didn't had an all-you-can-eat concept like most of the Japanese restaurants, but an à la carte concept. Their was a service bell for the customers. When pushing the button, a server or waitress will come and help you. It was kinda funny to hear the bell throughout the restaurant :P 

Nom nom nom, this is the second time I ordered this dish called 'fried tofu teriyaki with mushrooms'. The sauce with the sweet chinese mushrooms tasted so delicious! It's a savory dish with a hint of sweetness. 

My main dish was the seafood volcano udon. Oh my this has an amazing taste. The best udon I've ever tried! You could choose between a normal spicy or super spicy variant. I chose the normal spicy, because I honestly don't have the guts to try the super spicy hihi :$ I really like spicy food, but I don't know if I can bear to much spiciness. Maybe I will try it next time :)
The SET restaurant is my favorite Japanese restaurant at the moment and I will sure come back to visit again.

 Thank you for reading and  enjoy your sunday! 

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6 reacties

  1. The cafe is really cute! It's such a rare sight for people living in NL here to see these kind of stores. *___*
    All the more reason to go to Den Haag soon because the cheesecakes sounds delicious and the interior is terrific. <3 I think I could even end up staying a whole day there haha. xD The dishes you ordered looks mouthwatering as well. Everything with tofu related is always welcome in my stomach. ;)

    1. Yes, it's adorable right? You should visit it if you can ;) hihi.. me too, I'm a tofu lover ^^

  2. Oh that cafe is really adorable, I really like the style of it! I wouldn't mind to visit it :) It look all so delicious!

    1. Yes, it sure is Melissa ;) You should visit it if you have a chance :) Don't forget to try the cheesecakes, they are really yum!

  3. All of this just made me so hungry! I find it very interesting that there was so many different styles in one restaurant, thats so cool! I wish I could check this place out! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog, perhaps you'd like to keep in touch!

    i can’t afford my lifestyle

    1. Sorry for making you hungry :$ you're welcome dear ;) I guess you would love it! I was already following you =)