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Here's another Memebox unboxing for you girls. This time it's the Memebox superbox #28 free from oil & trouble 3. This box is out of stock now, but the 4th free from oil & trouble edition is out. I'm so addicted to these boxes lately, but I guess I have to wait for a while to purchase them again. Money problems here :P I was so happy when I won the 5th prize on Sparkly Chee's giveaway :D My prize were 10 Memepoints, which counts as $10 that could be used on the website of Memebox. I had my eye on the free from oil & trouble memebox for awhile, so it didn't take long for me to make my decision.
My skin had it's periode lately. I've been getting lots of breakouts, not only on my forehead, but also on my cheeks :S This is the first time ever, that I got break outs on those parts of my face. Luckily it's getting a little bit better now. Now I'm left with lots of scars. If anyone knows an awesome product to fade acne scars and in the meantime won't give you new breakouts, please let me know :)
So the box including shipping costs would normally cost $38,99, but I only paid $10,99 including shipping costs. I used the 10 memepoints, the discountcode 'TRYMEMEBOX' and affiliate discount for another $18 discount. Lucky my! ^^ The greatest thing about Memebox is that their boxes  are shipping worldwide again, Yippieeee :) Enough talking, let's get into the products shall we? ;)

So, this is the box with 7 full sized products. The total value of the box is $176, holy cow! I didn't even noticed that the value would be so high. This was a superdeal for me! Actually the box would include the Milky Dress Anti Trouble Body Mist and Yuri Pibu Parsley Herb Toner, instead of The Skin House Sponge Tightening Mask and Recipe By Nature Spray Water Essence. But those two products were back ordered, so I got two other products instead. It's a pity, because I was running out of a toner and I really wanted to try the body mist :P I was already owning the Recipe By Nature Spray Water Essence, but replacement is better then nothing though.  

This is the L'OCEAN pink powder, which is worth $24. The product contains 40 ml. I've seen these similiar products from other brands a lot. I was really into trying out this product and this was my chance :) This product is a spot/blemish treatment and it consists two layers. The top layer is supposed to help remove dead skin cells and the bottom layer is supposed to fight off skin blemishes.

The Foam Foam Morning & Night Cleanser from Skin came in, right on time. I was actually searching for a new cleanser for my skin. Both bottles contain 90 ml and it's worth $35. The morning cleanser is supposed to cleanse away dead skin cells gently and the night cleanser is supposed to get deep into the pores and cleanse away impurities and makeup residues.  
I've always used gel cleansers because of my acne-prone skin, but they were slightly rough for me skin. I'm totally going to try out these two cleansers and look if there will be any difference on my skin. 

Another product is this Sponge Tightening Mask by The Skin House. The mask contains 30 ml and it's worth $26. This product claims to clear out blackheads and pores. It also draws out dirt and excess oil. The texture of this mask looks so fun. It has a sponge texture and looks very bouncy :P I'm really excited to try out this product! Hope it does wonders for blackheads (a)

Another pore tightening product is this Dermahouse Pore Tighten Ample. It also contains 30 ml and is worth $22. This ample treats enlarged pores and renews skin for a cleaner and more elastic skin. The bottle of this ample has a rare shape. I might try out this product and look if it does tighten my pores. 

This is the only makeup product that I received in this box. It's the Tosowoong Silk Touching Powder. It contains 10g and is worth $34. The white powder will leave a soft and silky texture on your skin that last whole day. This product is quite unique, because most powders mattify your face instead of leaving a silky finish. Hope this product won't turn my face oily at the end of the day.

The last product I got is this Recipe by Nature Spray Essence Water. The bottle contains 140 ml and is worth $35. Memebox has increased the price I think, because the price of the botte was $11,99 a few months ago. I already own this product, so it didn't suprise me. This mineral water is filled with ingredients that will hydrate and nourish your skin after application. You won't need any moisturizer after spraying this on your face. It's great for girls who have dry skin :) 

Have you ever tried the Memebox before?

Thank you for reading and  enjoy your last days of summer! 

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    1. Thank you so much Melody! You're so sweet <3 Your comment just made my day :)