by - Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Finally a new post for you guys! I'm sorry for not uploading frequently last month. I will make up to you guys this month, I promise :) Today I wanted to share a nail manicure, another beauty post. Don't worry guys, my fashion posts will be up soon ;) I haven't really had a chance to shoot ootd's, but I will as soon as possible =)
This week the temperature went down below 20 degrees, which means sweater weather is coming up. Even though it's not summer anymore, I still wanted to paint my nails this pastel blue color. I added a little bit of a glitter effect to the nails for that extra touch. 

I used 4 nail polishes for this manicure. The first one is the frosted nail laquer in number 8, called 'frosted soft blue' by Gosh. I like the unique finish, that this nail polish provides. It has a glittery matt finish. It looks like frozen sand. The result of this nail polish actually reminds me of snow flakes ^^
The second nail polish I used is the Safari nail polish in number 404. It's such a pretty pastel blue color. As for you guys who didn't know, I love pastel colors! <3 

I also used a base- and top coat to protect my nails and make my nail polish last longer. Both are from Only You. They dry really quick, which is a total plus! 

Do you think this pastel blue color is too much for the fall? 

Thank you for reading and  enjoy your week! 

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6 reacties

  1. I think the blue pastel colour looks amazing!! Who cares if it fits fall, it's great <3


    1. I totally agree with you! Even during winter I still like to wear pastel colors :)

  2. I'm rocking pastel shades even with the chilly weather too :D
    Love this mani!

    1. So, I'm not the only one :) Thank you Kristine ;)