by - Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Long time no see guys! Seems like it has been forever! Hope you all have been doing very well :) I've received 2 summery jumpsuits from Dresslink, which I unfortunately can't pull of anymore on its own, but surely layered under winter pieces. I don't know about you guys, but more then half of my closet is filled with summer items. That's why I have days when I ask myself why I have nothing to wear during colder seasons, when I actually have and I know I'm not the only one thinking this ;P Fall season is all about layering. Don't store away those favorite summer pieces and try layering instead. I'm sure you will figure out some great ways to wear them :) Now let me show you my 2 jumpsuits ^^

I'm totally adoring this kimono jumpsuit with lace detailing at the rims! I'ts made of a soft thin fabric, that's feel very comfortable on the skin. It's my favorite jumpsuit at the moment <3 I'm probably going to wear a cardigan on top, tights and adding a pair of boots during fall. Find this jumpsuit right here if you're interested.  

Don't forget to use code Blog15 to get 10% of your order on Dresslink if you're interested :) 

"Dressing is a way of life"

Thank you for reading and  have a nice Thursday! 

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4 reacties

  1. cute rompers!


  2. Wat zijn ze allebei echt super leuk! De printjes zijn ook erg leuk :D


  3. These are really cute jumpsuits! x

  4. Hey amy, the first one is total love♥
    I thought they called as tunic?or am i just wrong? Hehe i obsessed with this kind of clothes lately!