by - Sunday, November 08, 2015

'Baby blue nail polish', a color I never get tired of. I always tend to come back to this color when painting my nails. It's such a lovely and bright color that's suitable for all seasons! 
Normally I would only paint my nails in one color, but this time I decided to take it to the next level! I've seen manicures using metallic line strips all over the internet and I finally I got to try it myself too :) And I have to be honest that it looks not bad! In fact it makes your manicure looks ten times better then just coating your nails in one color. A tip for you girls out there who want to make your nails look a little bit fancy ;) 

I've got striping tapes in 10 different colors including silver, gold, laser gold, green, blue red, purple, rose, white and laser purple. You can find these striping tapes online on different websites, such as Ebay and they are also very cheap as well. I got mine here if you guys are interested.

"A women is helpless only while her nail polish is drying"

Thank you for reading and  have a happy week darlings! 

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