Long time no talk guys! Yes, I'm finally back into the blogging world. Oh... and how much I missed writing. So much has happened this year. I've been pretty busy with uni before summer started. But I'm getting back on track now and have many post ideas coming up, so stay tuned for that. Hope this year has been great so far and all of you had an amazing summer!
The feeling of sitting on my desk and doing nothing else besides writing feels great! Today it's all about my travel moments. 
Some of you who follow me on instagram, already knew I went to Vietnam this summer. After 4 years, I finally had the chance to come back and visit my lovely family, which I have been missing a lot. This summer was an unforgettable holiday for me. Lots of memories were made and most importantly being able to spend time with the most precious people is absolute wonderful. 
Even though I stayed there for almost 4 weeks, time past by within a blink. It's hard to say goodbye in the end, but knowing you will see them again, is a moment you can look forward to in the future.  

Before arriving at the main destination, I had to transfer flights in Seoul (South Korea). And of course I had to try the authentic bibimbap there. Honestly, the bowl I got was just a bit too much filled with goodness. But I have to admit that it tasted luscious! I love the fact that dishes are served with side dishes, which gives you that little extra taste.  

I have to admit Vietnam is a paradise for food lovers! (speaking of myself) Next to glorious authentic Vietnamese food, you can also find lots of restaurants that offer Japanese, Thai, Chinese, Korean and Western food. One restaurant I kept coming back to was a Japanese restaurant named 'Sushi Hokkaido Sachi'. They offer an extensive menu with so many dishes to choose from. The prices are on the pricey side, but the delightful sushi makes it worth the money. 

How much I missed the drinks in Vietnam! I'm talking about bubble tea and the fresh pressed juices. The flavour and topping variations are endless here. One of my all time favorites must be the matcha bubble tea. The drink is not to sweet nor tasteless, just the right amount of sweetness.

Visiting an Island with crystal clear water and white beaches has always been a dream of mine. You could tell how excited I must have been when my family planned a short trip to the island Phu Quoc. I got to stay at Wildland resort in Ham Ninh. In general, a pleasant stay with neat rooms, a swimming pool and a small private beach. 
Unfortunately I didn't get a chance to behold the beautiful clear sea during sunny daylight. The days were cloudy and rainy during my stay. 
I would recommend everyone to visit Phu Quoc during the dry season. The weather is at its best between November to March. You can definitely count on days filled with rain and rough seas during the Summer months. And yes, I did learn from my mistake of visiting this Island during summer and will definitely come back during peak season. 

I must have visit too many temples during my stay in Vietnam. This country literally has temples everywhere. The beautiful architecture, style, materials and colors fascinates me everytime.  

Did you know I have a weakness for green parcs filled with blooming flowers, plants and trees?Having a slow walk, breathing fresh air and enjoying the quietness makes me feel at ease and pf course very peaceful.

"Never let your mind tell your heart not to wander"

Thank you for reading and  have a wonderful week! 

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